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Whether you need criminal law defense, you have a slip-and-fall injury or you are interested in estate planning, you need an attorney you can trust. It is time to turn to Deborah Geraldine Bledsoe Ford.

Deborah has more than 40 years of experience advocating for clients in Wayne County and across Michigan. Her dedication to serving people and protecting their rights has earned her the nickname The People’s Lawyer.

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Once A Respected Judge, Now A Formidable Attorney

Not every lawyer can claim that they were also an elected judge – but Deborah Geraldine Bledsoe Ford can. As a former judge, she has been on the other side of the courtroom many times. She knows exactly what Michigan judges look for when issuing decisions. She can represent you before any court in the state. Her rare and invaluable knowledge from her time as a judge can give you a winning edge at your trial.

A Storied Legacy Of Legal Service

Deborah Geraldine Bledsoe Ford comes from a long line of attorneys. Her family members have served as judges, civil rights lawyers and partners at majority white law firms. Today, she feels honored to carry on her family’s legacy of outstanding legal work. It is this commitment to serving her community that makes her one of the foremost attorneys to whom people in Wayne County turn for representation.

Learn more about her family:

Attorney Harold E. Bledsoe (Grandfather)

Holding Deborah in this photo is the first black Assistant Attorney General in Wayne County, Michigan and founder of the Bledsoe Ford and Bledsoe law firm. Her grandfather was also a prominent labor and civil rights activist, one of the founders of the Wolverine Bar Association in the 1930’s, a delegate of the 1961-62 Michigan Constitutional Convention, the first black to be on the U.S. Electoral College, and a brilliant orator and trial lawyer.


Honorable Geraldine Bledsoe Ford (Mother)

Her legendary mother was the first female attorney in the United States to run and be elected judge. She served from 1966 to 1999. She was also the first female and black President of the University of Michigan Alumni Association and first black female Assistant U.S. Attorney General in Michigan. Her name was among the most highly recognized in the City of Detroit, second only to Former Mayor Coleman A. Young, Sr. when he served. Attorney Geraldine Bledsoe Ford was considered a living legend while serving on the bench and advocating for women’s rights. She was also the highest voted judge by far each year she ran for re-election.



Honorable William F. Bledsoe (Uncle)

Attorney Deborah Geraldine Bledsoe Ford’s uncle was a civil rights lawyer and also served as a District Judge. He lived within 10 minutes of her from her birth through law school graduation, and mentored her in more ways than one could count.

Leonard Guy Ford, NFL Hall Of Fame Inductee (Father)

Attorney Deborah Geraldine Bledsoe Ford draws her will to compete and to win from her father, Cleveland Brown offensive and defensive end and National Football League Hall of Fame inductee (1976)  Leonard Guy Ford, who used the phrase, “WIN,” throughout his life. She brings that same blood and spirit to each case she “tackles” to score the “knock-out defensive block,” “field goal,” or “TOUCHDOWN,” for her clients to WIN!



The Legacy Continues

Attorney Deborah Geraldine Bledsoe Ford is grateful for her blended family that includes her husband, Atty. Jerome R. Watson, daughter, Alana Deborah Geraldine Bledsoe Ford Watson (currently law student at Santa Clara University Law School), two stepsons and two nieces.  Together they continue the fight for justice for people like you and your family.

Deborah Geraldine Bledsoe Ford

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